Join Jews4Rael

If your mind has clearly and fully understood the Elohim’s new covenant, then join us and spread the word to Jews and non-Jews: The Messiah is amongst us in the path of Moses and the 40 previous prophets, but with words appropriate for the grown-ups we are today. We can no longer put our accomplished existence in the cage of obsolete and rigid laws imposed upon us when we were primitive, dirty, uneducated “children” lost in the desert! Rael brings the New Laws. He invites us to build the Third Temple.

Don’t listen to sheep that follow the timorous herd. Instead, pay close attention to what your Jewish heart whispers: “Am I here just to eat, work, have a family, pray, spend and die, or do I have something special to accomplish?”

You do indeed have something special to achieve! The time has come, and it’s a time of science and changes! We have started turning the page on bygone epochs, so we no longer venerate the dusty ignorance of our ancestors. Instead, we embrace golden promises of plenitude coming to us with the strength of science and the wisdom of the Elohim and Their Last Prophet, RAEL.